Experience psilocybin in a safe, legal and beautiful setting.

Rise Wellness Retreat combines natural healing and ancient wisdom with modern science to create a completely immersive wellness experience unlike any other, in a beautiful and relaxed setting with trained facilitators.

Our integrative wellness program supports your mind, body and spirit, combining microdoses of specially-formulated psilocybin, restorative classes and personalized guidance to pioneer a safe and new way to rebuild the foundations of life based on increased creativity, reduced stress, improved wellness and an overall better state of mind.

I’ve never done anything better for my emotional well being – US Veteran

Experience Psilocybin

Our five-day retreat includes daily psilocybin microdoses in a safe and fully legal setting, and guided by our professional support team. With over a decade of natural health experience, our team uses a research-based approach to help guests reach their personal, physical, spiritual and mental goals to improve their wellbeing.

Enhance Wellness

Our wellness program integrates mindful psilocybin consumption with a wide range of optional activities and classes. These include everything from yoga, aquatics, meditation, breath work, and Natural Movement classes to educational workshops, therapeutic shiatsu treatments, trail hiking and art making.

Want to know more?

Due to COVID, our retreat is currently on hiatus for your safety. Please stay tuned for updates.