Discover how you can enrich your life and heal yourself at Rise Wellness Retreat

Rise Wellness Retreat exists to safely and gently introduce people to the practice of microdosing psilocybin in a beautiful and relaxed setting with trained facilitators.

We’ve come together with over thirty combined years of wellness, service, and science to create an enjoyable and wholesome retreat. The secure, restorative, and inspiring setting is sure to provide a meaningful experience.

I’ve never done anything better for my emotional well being – US Veteran

Experience Microdosing

Experience microdosing in a safe, legal and tranquil setting. Our 5-day retreat provides you with daily psilocybin microdoses and a wellness program that supports your mind and body. You will feel comfortable, informed and at ease with our professional support team & our research-based approach.

Workshops & Classes

Our wellness program integrates mindful psilocybin consumption with many optional activities, such as, yoga, meditation, hiking, breath work, art making, Natural Movement classes, educational workshops and more to personalize your experience. We’ve been guiding psilocybin use for years… you will be thoroughly supported.

Beautiful Setting

Luxurious amenities include exclusive access to beautiful beachfront villas where our private beach provides the ideal setting for your experience. Our secure and fully staffed luxury villas feature balconies, a secluded pool and patios steps away from the shore in a small, safe community on the south coast of Jamaica. You will feel right at home here.

Want to know more?

Find your dates and the right all-inclusive package for you.  More information on our FAQ page. Please contact us to apply for one of our monthly 5-day sessions.