“…felt like I was whole again. Like everything was going to be ok. The mushrooms seemed to have opened up a part of me that I forgot was even there. The part of me that knows it is ok to go through life one step at a time, enjoying the moment, not blaming myself for smelling the roses and such, for being human.”  – Read the full review from Jacqueline Chambers at TGIFguide

The team at Rise Wellness Retreats are the perfect combination of science and soul to guide you through your personal journey. I was well looked after, and by the end, I was family. They took care of my nutrition, helped me with dosing, and always made sure I was comfortable.

While I enjoyed the immediate effects (and longer-term benefits) of party-size doses of psilocybin in my younger years, I almost always had an upset stomach to follow. Rise’s blend of spices and psilocybin greatly reduces and often eliminates the after-effects. This was a major concern for me, so I was very glad they had figured out the perfect mix of complementary ingredients for digestion. They also served healthy, delicious foods including amazing fresh fruits from the land – which was a stunning piece of property.

We mostly hung out with all the other cool people at the retreat in casual settings, which was an endless source of interesting conversations and connections. I loved gathering every evening after dinner for a cup of tea and fresh fruit – the best papayas and mangos you’ve never tasted, different species of pineapples – but also the joy of everyone around the table who has come a little bit closer to their true self that day.

Being introduced to therapeutic doses of mushrooms has helped me calm the chatter of anxiety, and allowed me to better access my meditation skills. I particularly enjoy how focused I can be with a small dose: I could reflect & pick fruit for hours; I felt incredibly in tune with my body during a yoga class; I sat with myself and enjoyed the landscape for an extended period… I had so much time and space to think about life and see things from different angles. Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience psilocybin again in such a safe and beautiful space. – E.D. Ontario

Honestly had never tried micro dose shrooms …. I just wanted to say… I’m thrilled about the future….. l have some adhd going on and I’ve never [done] anything better for my emotional well being….. thanks for doing what you do….. as a retired US Marine I salute you for being what we all need.  – P.T. Ontario

These medicated chocolates are pure magic and have completely changed my perception of how psilocybin can be consumed. They are dosed to create a perfectly balanced experience with mild to moderate effects that allow me to reconnect with myself and reset my mind. I credit these plant-based medicinal confections for helping me to get through seasonal affective disorder last winter. They are handcrafted with love and organic ingredients which means they are as healing as they are delicious. – G.G., Canada

The microdosing retreat was like a reset button on my life. We stayed at a beautiful, peaceful villa in Jamaica, and the combination of psilocybin microdoses and the dedicated time and space to spend evaluating a few areas in my life really gave me new tools to see things from a different perspective. Before attending this retreat, I had researched microdosing, but I was still apprehensive, and I didn’t know what to expect either from the retreat or the mushrooms themselves. I was pleasantly surprised when I found that the entire experience was calm, focused, and gave me tools that I was able to bring home and use to improve my work & my relationships with my husband and my kids. I would definitely recommend Rise retreats for anyone looking to learn more about microdosing psilocybin in the safest and most effective way. – L.T. British Columbia

[…] have really given me an opportunity to experience a clearer mind and a brighter mood. Initially I was a bit concerned about how I would feel as I didn’t have much experience with microdosing, but thankfully the dosing is easy, and the effects were consistent and so very welcome. It really does feel like the sun coming out, everything shines! They offer me the ability to be present and mindful in ways that I haven’t been able to experience before. They really are the missing piece in my busy and stressful life. – T.L. Alberta

We had been searching for over three years to find something that would help me break out of my feelings of darkness and depression. I am a senior citizen and was facing a very hard time, after trying the microdose, I finally feel like I have a solution and I only wish that I had known about these miracle doses before. I had many fears about psychedelics growing up and reading about them in the news and now I know that psilocybin is safe and not harmful. I’ve never felt better from any medicine and I can only hope that Irie & Darryl get this to as many people as possible. I fully support their work and recommend them to all my friends and family who are looking for help and tired of the same old answers. Jamaica is one of the most beautiful islands I’ve visited in over fifty years of traveling and I can’t wait to get back down there. Thank you for all that you do! – Carol Z, Ontario

The week with Rise Wellness was absolutely life changing, I honestly couldn’t have imagined what a transformative experience it would be. I took so much out of the wellness program. – C.B. Canada

I loved Jamaica and strongly believe that this is the perfect location to hold these types of retreats. The land itself was healing, beautiful and welcoming. I can feel a significant difference in my mood and overall headspace. Count me in as a believer. – Y.N. Canada