The Location

The Rise Wellness Lifestyle

Our living, breathing spaces carry an enchanting energy that flows in and around you. Spaciously designed rooms outfitted with locally made décor that is hand-crafted from wood, stone and metal.

Lavish outside landscapes pour in through the windows with nature’s sweet sights and sounds, offering an incredible lightening of spirit.

The villas modern-tropical design creates the ideal conditions for the area’s climate and temperatures to work for you, harnessing nature’s best offerings.

Rippled wooden-beam pergolas and trees create shade over the patio areas and keep the sun at bay, while large wood-louvered swing doors open up living and bedroom walls inviting in a cross breeze that courses through the house. Our rooms’ clean neutral interiors make the outside landscape the focal point, like a painting on a canvas.

The Villa

There are three levels and five bedrooms to provide lots of social spaces to gather or private nooks for retreat. Each floor has its own kitchen, bedroom space and outdoor terrace.

It’s easy to feel free and at ease when you have super comfy and convenient amenities at your fingertips, as well as superb service from our attentive staff.

There are lots of cozy corners and sweet spots to chill – under a Neem tree, next to a Dessert Rose blossom, on the beach or beside the pool. Depending on the time of day, you’ll decide which one suits the moment.

Discover our great little hangouts and social spaces to have a chat, engage in an activity, read a book or take a nap.